We are an independent company based in Brazil and specialized in trading of mineral commodities.

We are committed to generation value for our business partners  through the development of new business, logistic solutions and new trading and financial model.

Our team is very competent, experienced and always connected to any market movement and we work with customized commercial intelligence tool for each type of business.


We have been trading with our commercial partners an amount of 5,5 millions of tons per year of minerals commodities such as Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Solid Fuels, minerals/metals and others raw material, in special to steelmaking and cement markets.


We work with our partners to develop new mining projects, since the conception and capture of investment to the proper implementation and operation.


We advise our commercial partners in the commercialization of their products, in sales to the domestic and foreign market, in logistical contracts (road, rail and sea transport), in the clearance processes and the import of raw materials.